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The Château Snail Farm is located near Murten, a historical small town in today's canton Freiburg in Switzerland. With a great view over the lake of Murten, the snail farm is situated on the ground of the old Yersin property. Beside the castle of Murten, the Yersin property is the only property in Murten with the predicate of a Château (Castle). This is within the reason, why we call our snail farm Château Snails.

The Yersin property has an old historical background. About 1750 Friedrich Gurnel took over the property in the Präll from his well situated brother-in-law. In 1772 he finally built the big and long stretched "Herrenstöckli" (Château). A unique part in Murten is that you can find the coat of arms of the builder on the baroque main facade: three golden rhombs in red sign.

In 1790 the Château became property of the aristocrat Louis D'Affry (1743-1810). After his return from the French revolution, he passed some years on his Prehlgut. With the protection of Napoleon, he finally became the first Landammann of Switzerland and it was Affry, who realised the final connection of the common Murten to Freiburg.

Then the whole property and the Château went over into the hands of the family Yersin from Fleurier. In 1918 they finally sold the estate to Emil Gutknecht from Ried. And in 1936 they also left the nice Château to Emil Gutknecht.

On this calcareous historical ground beside the Château Prehl the roman snails are increasing perfectly and it is in these royal surrounding, where they grow up and take size before they are processed in traditional kind.

We cultivate our Roman snails in pens according to the modern model of the close to nature cultivation. A metal fence prevents the occurring of mice, shrews and other snail robbers. Besides, a specially manufactured network fence keeps the snails in, prevents them from escaping and surrounds every single plot.

We cultivate our snails in natural posture. As in nature the snails can hide themselves under the green food (white clover, chicory, mangold, salad and much more). Those plants give them beside view protection, shade and protection against dehydration and serves also as fresh green food. Application of herbicides and artificial fertilisers is done without, instead legumes are used for a natural nitrogen fertilising, green manuring instead of artificial fertilisers and green food finally is fed instead of artificial food mixes.

Château (Castle) on the Yersin property (1890)

Château Snail Farm near Murten


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